Causes Of Back Pain

Right behind the common cold is the “bad back” as the second most common cause of workplace absenteeism.

But unlike the cold, most back problems are treatable and curable. And that's good news to the 80% of you who will be suffering from lower back pain at some point in your adult lives. So sit up straight and take a look at some of the causes of and treatment for those nagging back problems.

Where did I get my bad back from?

Causes of lower back pain are wide-ranging and include injury, accidents, medical conditions, excess weight, fitness level, posture, and sitting and standing habits. Muscle strain is another cause of a sore back, either from lifting something that is too heavy or by lifting objects incorrectly. Many pregnant women also develop lower back pain due to the extra weight that they support during pregnancy.

What are the most serious back pain causes?

Osteoarthritis (a “wear-and-tear” condition), fractured vertebrae (the literal “broken back”) and the “slipped” or herniated disc are all serious medical conditions that must be treated by a qualified physician.