Sinus Pain Can Be A Thing Of The Past. Learn How.

Sinus Pain Can Be A Thing Of The Past. Learn How.

Did you know sinus sufferers have a predisposition to getting more colds per year than the average individual, in addition to suffering from sinus issues outside the cold season? Recognizing when you are suffering from sinus inflammation is the first step to knowing how and when to treat your pain.

Sinus inflammation occurs when the lining of the sinus cavities swells causing blocked sinuses

This is almost always painful, causing a great deal of pressure. This can also be accompanied with congestion which is caused by swelling in the nasal passages. When looking for a medication to help, look for one that not only manages the symptoms, but also treats the underlying problem of swelling in the sinuses and nasal passage.

Click and hold down on the center line to scroll left or right and reveal the blocked and unblocked sinuses.

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