Vaccinations And Pain

Vaccinations are an important part of a baby and child’s medical care, to protect them from serious diseases.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause pain for your child, which can lead to a fear of needles.

To help reduce the pain your baby may experience:

  • Give your baby sugar water by mixing 1 teaspoon of sugar with 2 teaspoons of distilled or boiled water and administer using a dropper, or dipping a soother into the sugar water before the needle is given.

Holding your baby before, during, and after the needle will also provide comfort. Remain calm, and speak normally, as babies can pick up on our emotions and mirror them. Distracting your baby by singing, talking, or with a toy can also be helpful.

Holding your child on your lap may provide comfort and make them feel more secure. Rubbing or stroking their arm before, during and after the needle can help to distract them. Other distractions can include singing, talking, toys, or electronic devices. The more your child is involved in the distraction, the better it will work as they focus on something other than the needle. Remain calm and using your normal speaking voice, you can acknowledge their anxiety and pain, but try not to use words that focus on the needle and pain.

After The Needle

Sometimes after a vaccination your baby/child can experience some discomfort, or a fever. If your child is experiencing discomfort due to pain, or a fever, give them plenty of liquids and a pain/fever reliever like ibuprofen if your child experiences pain or fever symptoms. If your child experiences discomfort for more than 24 hours, call your doctor.

If your baby/child’s leg or arm is swollen, hot and red, apply a clean, cool, wet washcloth to the area for comfort. If the area is painful, you may also want to give a pain reliever. If the area is still red or tender after 24 hours, call your doctor.