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Inflammation is marked by five primary characteristics called signs and symptoms.

Chronic inflammation (inflammation that doesn't go away when the injury heals) can lead to persistent pain that interferes with your work, your hobbies, and your social life. The immediate benefits of treating inflammation are obvious.

Most back problems are treatable and curable. Take a look at some of the causes of - and treatment for - these issues.

Proper lifting techniques and the right exercises can help both those who have never experienced back muscle pain, as well as chronic sufferers.

With the right kind of exercise, you can relieve joint pain or even prevent it - by staying limber and healthy.

Inflammation is part of the process the body uses to heal itself.

Within minutes (sometimes seconds) of an injury, the body reacts by triggering a set of processes that help it heal.

A fitness program including aerobics, resistance training and stretching gives you the best overall health benefits.

Muscle pain causes, as with those of other soft tissue injuries, can be the result of injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage - from overuse, sport or force.