1. Why have Advil® Pediatric Drops for Infants and Children’s Advil® Ibuprofen Oral Suspension products been recalled?

    We voluntarily recalled certain liquid Advil® products because we found that “clumps” of ibuprofen may form in the bottle and lead to higher or lower doses if it is not shaken well before each use.

    There is a remote risk of health issues as a result of the separation – but we don’t want to take any chances. So we request that you stop using the product and contact us for a refund.  We are also asking that you bring the product to your pharmacy for safe disposal.

  2. Why is it a problem if the ingredients separate? What is the health risk?

    The dosing in separated product may not be accurate – in a single dose you may get less or more of the active ingredient, ibuprofen.

    With a lower dose, it may not be as effective in reducing fever, which could lead to other health issues including, in rare instances, convulsions.  Although unlikely, a higher dose could lead to vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, ‘ringing in the ears’ and decreased breathing rates.

    Even though the health risk from the recalled product is remote, we are recalling it as a precautionary measure.

  3. My child has already had some of the affected product – should I be worried?

    The health risk from ingesting affected product is remote, but if you have concerns please consult your health care practitioner.

  4. Can I fix it by just shaking the bottle?

    We are asking that you stop using the product, contact us for a refund, and bring the recalled product to your pharmacy for safe disposal.  Pharmacies are not providing refunds.

  5. When will this issue be fixed?

    The issue is fully resolved and new product is already beginning to appear on store shelves across Canada. If it’s not already in your local pharmacy, it will be soon.

  6. I can’t find any Advil® Pediatric Drops for Infants and Children’s Advil® Ibuprofen Oral Suspension products in store – when will they be available again?

    New product is already available in many pharmacies, and we are working hard to restore the supply of all liquid Advil® products to stores across Canada. We thank you for your patience!

    In the meantime, these other Children’s Advil products – Junior Advil® Chewables, Children's Advil® Fever from Colds or Flu Suspension, and Children's Advil® Cold & Flu Multi-symptom Suspension – are available at your local pharmacy.

  7. Can I trust that other Advil products are safe?

    This situation is highly unusual, and we know with certainty that other products were not affected.

  8. How do I know if my product was affected?

    Check the lot number on the side of the bottle (see the image below for where to find it), and then go to the Affected Product Lots page to see if that lot number is included in the recall.

    Where to find your lot number
  9. How can I safely dispose of my recalled product?

    Please bring recalled product back to your pharmacy. They will safely dispose of it.  Pharmacies are not providing refunds. Please call us 1-888-275-9938 or email pchinfo@healthconnect.ca and we will be happy to process your refund.

  10. Will Pfizer be offering refunds for recalled children’s liquid Advil products?

    Yes, Pfizer is offering refunds to consumers who have purchased affected products. Please visit Advil.ca to check to see if your product has one of the recalled lot numbers.

  11. What do I need to do to receive a refund?

    Consumers are asked to contact Pfizer at 1-888-275-9938 or via email pchinfo@healthconnect.ca to receive a full refund. 

  12. What information do I need to receive a refund when I call 1-888-275-9938 or email pchinfo@healthconnect.ca?

    Here’s the information we need from you:

    1. Product name and format (size)
    2. Lot Number
    3. Your complete mailing address and telephone number
  13. How should I safely dispose of my recalled product?

    Consumers are asked to bring back their affected children’s liquid Advil to the pharmacy where it can be safely disposed. Please note that you need to contact Pfizer to obtain your refund.  Pharmacies will not be providing refunds.

  14. I did as instructed, but why has no one returned my call or email?

    We thank those consumers who have emailed pchinfo@healthconnect.ca or called 1 855 367-7349 regarding a refund, and sincerely apologize for the significant delays in responding to you. We are working diligently to process the refunds in the order they were received as quickly as possible. The process is taking longer than we anticipated as we work to ensure we are capturing all the information required. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we manage the refund process.

  15. Why is it taking so long to get my refund?

    Thank you for your patience as we work through the refund process. Due to the information we need to capture from each customer return, it is unfortunately taking longer than we anticipated. Consumers can expect to receive their refund in approximately 4 to 6 weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we manage the refund process as efficiently as possible.