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With a cold or flu, severity and duration of symptoms may vary by individual. Most people get a cold several times each year, and the flu only once every few years.

A fever is not an illness unto itself. It is a symptom of sickness and can be a positive sign that the body is fighting infection. However, you may want to lower a child’s fever

A fever is the body’s way of responding to an infection or illness. It happens when the body's temperature is raised above its normal level.

Children's Temperature Chart

Use the children’s temperature chart to gauge your child’s fever.

Vaccinations are an important part of a baby and child’s medical care, to protect them from serious diseases. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause pain for your child, which can lead to a fear of needles.

Ear infections are common, with children more likely to experience ear infections than adults. It is estimated that more than three quarters of all children will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday, and nearly half of those will have three or more infections by then. Ear infections can affect both the inner and outer ear, with inner ear infections being the most common.