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Understanding Migraine Symptoms

Learn more about the types of migraines and their symptoms

Migraine Causes and Treatments

Learn more about causes, treatment and prevention of migraines

What is a Migraine

Learn about what a migraine is and how to deal with them

Types of Migraines

Identify the different types of migraines and effects on the body and brain.

Triggers & Causes

Try to prevent future migraines by identifying possible triggers and causes.

Migraine Symptom Checklist

Get our migraine symptom checklist to identify and try to prevent future migraines.

Weather Impacts on Migraines

Learn about how weather can trigger migraines

Migraine Care & Best Practices

If you suffer from migraines, read our preventative list of dos and don'ts

A Guide To Treating Migraines

Read about traditional and non-traditional treatments for migraines

Why You Shouldn't Wait To Take Your Medication

Learn why treating your migraine early can stop or minimize an attack

Recovering From A Migraine

Learn how to heal yourself and recover from a migraine

Coping With Post-Migraine Pain

Learn what a postdrome is and how to cope with the symptoms